Are you a Tarot Phenom?

Tarot gives you superpowers

Life throws you curve balls, Tarot is your catcher's mitt. Life kicks you in the teeth, Tarot is your dentist.

Life overruns your garden with weeds, Tarot would be your garden market.

You talk Tarot, you see Tarot, you live Tarot; Tarot is everywhere.
Does this sound like you?

Tarot is key to creating your inspired life

The cards suggest personalized inspirational pathways and guidance for you.

The cards help you find your feet when your world is spinning out of control.

The cards inspire your approaches to situations with clarity and productive solutions.

You want friendships & community

You want to bring your tarot to life.

You want to maximize your tarot learning and share your tarot insights with others.
You want to revolutionize your Tarot practice.

Tarot Phenoms

Live Learning

We hold in-person meetings to practice tarot, enhance our knowledge of all aspects of finding meaning in the cards, and to create community.

We are readers of varying levels of experience and we welcome and encourage all of members to use the group as their mentor or as their protégé, depending on their perspective.

You can join us in the Zoom room, on Tiktok, Youtube or live, in Rigaud, Quebec.

Workshops and classes will be announced as they are available.

tarot sessions

  • Join us for our tarot discussions and practices.
  • Get a live reading on Youtube or Tiktok.
  • Hire a tarot Phenom to do a reading for you.
  • Take a business class
  • learn how to design your website.
  • Every Thursday you’ll find the Tarot Phenoms live and sharing their tarot practices. 

  • For some of us, Tarot is a useful and fun tool for finding meaning in life.



common questions

There are 78 cards, each divided into one of five groups; Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles, and Trumps.

The images on the cards show the energies present in a variety of different divination and witchcraft disciplines including, but not limited to Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, iChing, and Alchemy.

So long as you can see the cards, or have someone emboss  braille onto them for you, everyone can read Tarot Cards.

Each of the 78 cards have a very specific meaning, and memorizing these meanings helps readers improve their readings with practice.

Some people read quite naturally and intuitively, and they may have greater success with Tarot Cards than others.

Reading Tarot cards is a practice. You will find that once they learn the general meanings of the cards, with the use of the “little white book”, aka the “LWB” or any book designed to teach Tarot, the meaning of the cards never changes. So, as quickly as you can read the book, you can begin reading.

There is an entire universe in the 78 cards of the Tarot. the longer you read, the more you discover to learn to read. Crowley painted the Rosicrucian Cross on the back of the Thoth Tarot because he believed that the Tarot represented you the reader, while also representing the entirety of the Universe and all existence.

It is our experience in all our years of reading tarot cards, that the greatest danger from the cards may be cramped hands from shuffling oversized cards, or paper cuts. 

You have several options to get readings at Tarot Phenoms.

  • Use our Daily Card generator (TBA)
  • Register for Tarot Reader in my Pocket (TBA)
  • Post a query to the Tarot Forum for readers to practice responding to queries
  • Hire a Tarot Phenom (TBA)

While most Class sessions and Meetups will be open to all, they will definitely not be “confidential”.

If you require confidentiality, we encourage private consultations, or closed class sessions. 


Click through to our Tarot Phenoms Directory for professional readers who have been screened to ensure our members and clients can receive a valid tarot reading.

If you do not have the funds for a paid reading, we encourage you to post to the Tarot Forum for a free reading from our Tarot Phenom members who want to practice reading.

At the moment, Tarot Phenoms is free to join. As we build the membership and expand the website, it is our intent to offer a variety of benefits and services to both Tarot Readers and Tarot Enthusiasts.

We invite you to join us now, it’s going to be worth early adoption, we promise.

See this page for what we have already planned.

No Tarot Card reader stands alone who finds their family. We hope to bring a community that grows and expands to include the members who join us.

We trust that every community will experience growing pains. We also know that it is through listening to our members, that we will create the Tarot Phenoms community that we envision.

We also believe that we create our existence, so we encourage you to actively participate so that you can help us create this Tarot Phenoms group, together.

Don’t be shy! If you have a suggestion, or a question, let us know. It is our intent to create a Tarot community that will allow us to indulge every member with their specific Tarot community needs.

And if you see something you don’t like, please speak up, as well. We strive to always do better.


  • Get or make a Tarot deck.
  • Read and respond to the email lessons
  • Sign up for our Meetups, even if you cannot attend. If there is a recording, you will receive an invitation to it.
  • Log in daily for the daily reading
  • Post your daily reading for input from other readers
  • share your blog with our Group
  • share your own classes, seminars and projects with our Group calendar
  • Actively participate in the forum discussions
  • Bring a friend

Whereas we are centered in Rigaud and Hudson Quebec, our efforts are effectively online, so many of our activities are online.

Most in-person meetups will generally occur in the Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal Triangle.

Members’ Meet-ups may occur anywhere in the world, perhaps one day on the Space Station. 

Consider this your trial membership. Being a Tarot Phenoms will always be free.

If you decide that Tarot Phenoms is not for you before we implement any for-fee services and or charge for as yet not created membership levels, you can still remain a  Tarot Phenoms with all current benefits, so long as you choose.

We hope that you will love it here so much that you will bring all of them!